Saturday, April 6, 2013

The cheese stands {happily} alone

Well, it's official: Everyone I know is pregnant.

After going almost literally years months between regular visits, our little group of friends is trying to rekindle the bromance and put the spark back in our friendships. So in that effort, we hosted 15 people in our house for breakfast today.

Except, like really, really soon, it's not going to be 15 people anymore.

Because, folks? 2013 has been dubbed "the year of the baby." I believe posters are being made up as we speak, and a national celebration has been planned with mocktails and condom-balloon animals. (Get it? Because nobody needs them! See what I did there? Hillarious.)

{Picture from Christmas 2009. Ironically, in this picture, I'm the only one who is actually prego}

Fertility? It's here on an epic scale. I was afraid that I might get pregnant-by-proxy simply from being in the same room with these women.

Even though my youngest is zero and my life consists almost exclusively of pumped milk, yoga pants, counting diapers and going on three hours of sleep rampages, part of me is all, hey girls! I totally would have synched my cycle and been part of the knocked up club! It's that time in high school when the other girls decided to ditch class to go smoke but nobody told me ('cause I was always too much of a goody-goody - and I liked school - to do anything like that. Plus, smoking is way gross) all over again.

Actually, the truth is that I'm thrilled beyond words for all of these ladies.

Although I do envy the fact that they all get to be pregnant together AND somebody else has done it before them (I was obviously the first to go down this road from our group - there were definitely times I wished I could have called somebody else who had been through it, if only just to help frame my new-mom-crazies), I will admit that I'm pretty darn content with our world right now.

It's a funny thing, because as my baby inches closer to being less a baby and more a toddler, I am super calm and in no hurry to start trying for #3. Which is pretty much the opposite of the way I felt the first time 'round. I desperately hope that is in the cards for us, but I am just so stinkin happy with our family of four. It feels "complete" somehow - even though I know hope it's not.

I'm suffering from a complete lack of jealousy, which, as you might remember, is definitely not the way I was feeling as 2011 came to a close. God is pretty awesome.

And, these two faces?

They're a one-two punch of pure happy.

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