Friday, April 12, 2013

The Frederick Experience

It all started with a simple doll.  Darn you IKEA and your irresistable, cheap crap.

My sister has one of these, and sometime around November when we were at her house, Leah began playing with it.  Oh and also?  FYI, if you google images of "IKEA wooden mannequin," you will get lots of pictures of these little guys doing all sorts of sordid things.  Not what the manufacturers intended, I am certain.
When asked what his name was, it was decided that he would be called Frederick.  And from there, Frederick took on a life of his own.
Since then, Frederick has become her imaginary friend.  For the record, he is a friendly monster who lives in California with his mommy.  Yet, he also frequents our dinner table, Leah's room, the car and, when the occassion warrants, he becomes Baby Frederick and can be rocked/sung to/swaddled or otherwise mothered. 
Yes, Frederick and Leah have had quite the adventures.  I even snapped this picture of them building a tower together.

Aren't they cute?

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