Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today, Casey and I put everything else on hold. After weeks and weeks of projects, rennovating, baby-prepping and readying, we decided we needed a day off. So to fill the time, we went... the Denver Museum of Nature and Science!
It might not have been the most relaxing choice, but it was certainly a fun one.

I always love going to the museum! From the moment you walk in the door, it's a WOW.

I love the exhibits,

although some of them were a little more difficult this year.

I love the Hall of Wildlife, which I find absolutely fascinating and fun to look at each time we go.

I love to take a walk through the past in Prehistoric Journey.

But the exhibit I saw the most of on this particular trip was...

...perhaps not the most glamorous!

Most of all, though, it was fun to spend the day with my husband, and to dream a little dream of the future. I was the only pregnant lady there (shocking, considering all the walking!), but there were tons of new families. This is something I can't wait to do with Baby Girl!

Speaking of the little pumpkin, she was absolutely awesome through the whole thing. The doctor told us that a good rule of thumb for her sleep/wake pattern is that she should be sleeping when I am moving, and moving when I'm stationary.

I have to say, I truly beg to differ. Baby Girl seems to keep up almost pace-for-pace with whatever my schedule is. She sleeps during the night, except when I wake her because I have to get up or change position. She moves during the day as I move around, and that was expecially true today!

The little one had a serious case of the wiggles for all 4 hours we were at the museum. I admit, for the first time in 8 months, I did have a Coke with lunch (yay, sugar and caffeine!). Even before that though, she seemed to sense or somehow pick up on my excitement about going to the museum, because she could not sit still! I love it, and I think it is unspeakably cool that the baby seems so in-synch with me.

All in all, a wonderful day filled with awesome memories!

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