Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 weeks and counting

Things I love at 35 weeks pregnant:

...I love that Baby Girl gets the hiccups after dinner almost every day.

...I love that the kids at school ask daily to touch my belly and want me to make her kick ('cause I have that super power!).

...I love that her daddy reads to her every night (currently: Harry Potter 4) even though I can only stay awake for the first page or so.

...I love that she loves fruit! Any time I eat fruit - especially blueberries - or drink orange juice, she gets the wiggles.

...I love the way her little fists tickle my legs when I sit.

...I love that Daddy can hear her heart beat. Sometimes, when she has been still for a while, I ask him to find her heart just to make me feel better. He always obliges without complaint! :)

...I love to sit in the nursery. I could honestly sit for hours in the rocking chair. It is the most peaceful place in the world.

...I love that, when we did a relaxation exercise that involved visualizing our "special place" at our Bradley class last night, Casey didn't have to ask what place I was visualizing. We both knew I was imagining sitting in the nursery.

...I love that we only have a few weeks left until we get to meet our beautiful little girl.

On another note... I hate how round my face has gotten! The belly, I can handle. Fat face at a time when I want tons of pictures... that's just no fun!!!


  1. melissa i know we barely know each other but i just love reading your blog about your wonderful family. you are so creative and i love that! can't wait for the nursery pics and getting to know you 3 better!
    Lindsay Kaufman

  2. You are almost there! I am so happy and excited for you guys! Can't wait to see the nursery!

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  4. Sorry, I was logged into my old account when I left the last comment. That's why I deleted it!

    Anyways, you guys are so close! Make sure you guys get lots of sleep. You're going to need it! The lack of sleep is SO worth it though!! You two are going to be such great parents!


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