Monday, February 15, 2010

30 days!

Thirty days and counting...

It is such a strange, miraculous thing, how life progresses. It is absolutely amazing to me that we have 30 days left until D-day. I feel very content with things going forward. Completely out of my element and totally unsure what the future holds... but still very content!

It is crazy to me to think back to how vastly different our lives were at this time last year. So, in the spirit of reminiscing, here is a little look at how hugely life can change in twelve short months.

Last year:
I had just finished my Masters degree and was subbing - mostly at elementary schools, because they were more fun - and worrying about finding a job.

This year:
I am almost finished with my first full year of teaching in my own classroom at a middle school, which I absolutely adore. Although, because of budget cuts across the state of Colorado, I may still soon be worrying about finding a job... but that's a post for another day!

Last year:
Valentine's Day was wonderful, and for whatever reason, we both decided last year to actually celebrate the day. It was our first "real" romantic celebration of Valentine's in the six years we had been together. Casey had a wonderful surprise in store for me:

Including a beautiful pair of diamond earrings! I also "cooked" up a little something for him:

This year:
Casey spent the day putting the final finishing touches on the nursery and the basement, while I laid on the couch all day in my PJ's, exhausted from a VERY long, busy week, and of course our awesome (but no less exhausting) trip to the museum. 8 months pregnant + 5 hours of walking = one very tired mommy-to-be.
Last year:
I was busy plotting and planning Jessica's bridal shower.

This year:
She is preparing to throw me a baby shower!

Last year:
Casey and I had been secretly married for about four and a half months.

This year:
Publically married - and thankfully, gleefully, whole-heartedly glad to have that behind us so we can move on to the next phase of life.

Last year:
One big concern: my weight. I was working out 4-5 times a week and lost 15 or maybe 20 pounds between January and June. Yay, me! Jessica and I even ran the Bolder Boulder, which I haven't done since high school.

This year:
Well, at least some things never change! Weight is still a big concern, but now it's piling on in the other direction!

Last year:
I was very much struggling with the issue of getting pregnant. I wanted nothing more in the world than to have a baby. After a miscarriage - no, I don't know that I have talked about this before, nor do I intend to dwell on it with such happy news on the way - in September of 2008, I was feeling extremely hopeless about the situation.

Casey and I had decided that the most practical thing to do would be to wait until the summer of 2010 to try again, and I was having a hugely hard time with it. It was a wise decision (one I'm SOOOOO grateful did not come to pass!) given all of the things we had in store for 2009 (wedding, first year at a new school, etc).

But, it was unspeakably hard a year ago to imagine waiting that long. I was afraid it might not be possible for us to have a family, and that thought haunted me every day. I remember crying and telling Casey how much I wanted to start our family. The worst day was going to Babies-R-Us for a friend's shower and completely breaking down, sobbing in the middle of the store. As happy as I was for her new family, I could not look at those precious little baby things without my own heart absolutely breaking.
If only I had known then that our own little miracle was on her way!

After months and months of pleading, I finally wore Casey down. We knew that, since I was teaching, we wanted a spring baby. When the summer months came, bringing with them that tiny window that would accommodate a spring baby, I wanted desperately to get pregnant. As far as I am concerned, it was just meant to be, because, somehow, everything just seemed to come together against all odds. This wonderful little bundle was always meant to be ours.
And here we are... thirty days away from meeting her.
We'll see you soon, Baby Girl!

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