Sunday, February 21, 2010

B is for Before and After

What could possibly be worth months of effort, energy and time?

Why, a baby's room, of course!!!!

We had our shower yesterday, and it was absolutely incredible. I feel grateful and humbled and lucky to have such amazing, talented and generous friends. I will write more about it later, as my plan after such a big day is to recoup on the couch. I seem to have to do a lot more of that recently!

One of the many highlights for me was being able to finally share our labor of love (our first one, anyway!) with our friends and family.

So, without further ado, here is the blogging debut of Baby Girl's nursery (and, if you look carefully, you'll be able to spot a little preview of her name!).



We think she'll be quite comfortable here!


  1. Wow! You and Casey did an amazing job! Your little girl's room is absolutely beautiful!

  2. it is so cute, i love her room! i think it is wonderful how excited you both are for your baby girl, brings back memories of when we were preparing for lyla! can't wait to hear her name, i am guessing it starts with and "L"?? :)


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