Sunday, February 7, 2010


What does this...

...have to do with our nursery?

Something! I realize that is not very specific or informative... I've decided to post a few little "previews" of the nursery as often as possible for the next two weeks. But, I'm not posting any full pictures until after the room's big reveal in two weeks at our baby shower.
Yes, we're having a baby shower! It seems a little surreal, but it's true!

And speaking of baby showers, here are our adorable invitations:

I absolutely love them. I think they turned out so cute! Very simple, but that's what makes them awesome!
I am getting so excited for all of the wonderful things we have coming up! Our awesome friend Jessica is throwing us a shower, then a bunch of friends from work are throwing us another. It is amazing to be surrounded by so much love! After that, it's just a hop, skip and a week (or two) to baby day!! What could possibly be better?!
In other news, our house is finally back in order. Casey put the finishing touches on Baby Girl's room yesterday, as well as on the basement, which (finally) brings our season of projects to an end. The basement still needs some decorating, but we'll have to get to that eventually. We've accomplished a LOT in a short span of time!
I am extremely proud of us, and also glad that we won't be tackling anything house related for a while.
We'll have another "little" something to tackle in the coming months!

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