Saturday, June 26, 2010

Watch out, Ace of Cakes

Who loves Daddy?

We do!

To my wonderful husband on his first Father's Day:

On Christmas day nearly 8 years ago, I got on an airplaine bound for San Antonio. If I had only known then how that flight would change my life!

In the seven and a half years that have followed, I have experienced more joy than I would have imagined possible, and you have been with me every step of the way.

One of my favorite days:

From the very beginning, you were an amazing father. You took care of me and Leah, even before we knew she was Leah. From the avocado wraps you made nearly every day for months on end, to holding my hand through each and every doctors appointment,

to the beautiful nursery you built for our daughter,

to bearing with me through the ups...

...and downs...

...of pregnancy, I am grateful that you were always by my side, supporting me and our daughter.
Since her birth, I have continued to be amazed by the poise, pride, love, wisdom and generosity you have shown Leah and me. From the first breath she took, it is obvious that she is the joy of your life. Nothing makes my heart happier than to watch the two of you!

I cannot imagine a more beautiful and perfect life than the one you and I have created together! Thank you for always being my partner and my friend, and for walking with me on this incredible journey called life.

We love, love, LOVE you!!! Happy (belated) first Father's Day.

(By the way... who made and decorated that awesome chocolate oreo cake from scratch? Somebody must REALLY love Casey!)

Your biggest fans.

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