Monday, June 28, 2010

Makin' a baby is hard!

So, back when we were young and naiive about pregnancy and childbirth, Casey and I decided to take a Bradley class to assist us in the labor/delivery process.

It was a wonderful experience, even though I didn't exactly get to use the labor techniques we practiced...

Recently, we had our Bradley class reunion.

It was SO FUN to go from a room full of pregnant women to a room full of beautiful babies!

Here are some stats from our class:

*We started with 9 couples, and (thankfully!) ended with 9 gorgeous babies
*Of those babies, 8 were boys, and 1 was a girl (weird, right?)
*Of the 9 "natural" births we all had hoped for, there were...
*3 C-sections (1 - mine - was scheduled, 2 emergency)
*2 inductions because babies were at least a week overdue
*Only 3 natural, unmedicated births

It struck me that this whole "natural" process of making and having a baby is not as easy as it's cracked up to be!

Thank goodness we live in the 21st century. Three c-sections?! That means that a hundred years ago, at least 1/3 of us would more than likely have had tragic ends for either mommy or baby or both. Yikes.........

It seems counterintuitive that the process of baby making would be so difficult. Fortunately for all of us, though, the ends totally made whatever we went through worth it.

As a bonus, Leah was hillarious. She is too precocious for her own good!

My favorite memory of the day was when she was standing on Casey's lap, looking around the room at all the other babies, grinning like the adorable little show-off she is, and talking, as if to say, "Hello, I'm Leah! Look what I can do!"

It was so cute and funny. I wish I had thought to get pictures of the whole scene!

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