Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joyful All Ye

Holiday tradition #3:

Christmas Party!

The best part of this tradition might be getting to go back through the years and see the many changes our little circle of friends have gone through. 

Case and point?

The Girls 2007
Married: 1 (Dani, far right)
Guys 2007

Girls 2008
Married: 2
Engaged: 1 

The (very over-exposed) Gang 2008

Girls 2009
Married: 4
Engaged: 1
Pregnant: 1
Guys 2009

The Gang 2010
Married: 4
Engaged: 1
Pregnant: 1
Baby... well, obvious. 
We feel so fortunate to walk through life with this tremendous group of people.  It's been an odd year for Casey and I from a social perspective... having a baby definitely complicates the whole friendship situation. 
Through all of that, though, it is nice to know that we have a set of lifelong friends to share the adventure with. 

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