Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas Post

After waiting for this day for 9 months, and very possibly the 9 before that, I almost don't know what to write about this Christmas.

Should I write about the fun and anticipation of bringing the baby downstairs to her first Christmas morning?

Should I write about her stocking that was hung by the chimney with care, or the beautiful presents under the tree?

Should I write about the way Leah was more interested in the tags and bows and wrappings than the actual presents themselves?

Should I write about how the weather outside was anything BUT frightful?  That we took a walk and it was nearly 60 degrees outside?  The fact that this winter has been the least snowy since the 1920's? 

Or, should I write about the snuggly, cuddly baby we had all day?  About the way she kept crawling over to me, wherever I was, and climbing up to lay her head on my shoulder?  About all the giant, open-mouth kisses she was giving away?

Should I write about the complete joy and contentment I felt while watching our sweet girl encounter Christmas for the first time?

Should I write about the fact that it has felt like Christmas every single day in our house for the past 9 months since Leah joined us?  That Casey and I got so much more for Christmas this year than just presents?  How we've been blessed in bigger and more amazing ways than either of dreamed possible?

I just can't decide.

We hope you had a merry Christmas, and that the New Year brings abundant blessings! 

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