Monday, December 6, 2010

Festive Freebies

The scene is set: Lights glowing, fire going, hot chocolate cocoaing, and OH the Christmas tree.  And of course, that gorgeous white, flaky stuff - since it's eleventy bajillion degrees below zero out. 

Doesn't that sound festive? 

If, in between shoveling the walk, finding that "to die for" present for your in-laws and hunting for that ellusive Elf on the Shelf you long for a little simplicity, here's the good news:

Shutterfly's got ya covered!

With dozens of simple, elegant and personalizable layouts for everything from calendars, to beautiful holiday cards , to canvases and portraits, it's a great opportunity to tell your story through pictures.  Another terrific find - and my personal favorite this year - photo coffee mugs.  Yep.  Perfect for the new mommy obsessed with immortalizing my little one's every moment. 

With all this at our fingertips, the most difficult part is choosing the one we like best!  I'm leaning toward this one for our little family's very *FIRST* Christmas card (can I get a woo hoo?!).   

The best part of all of this?  Holiday cards can be yours FREE of charge!  And you don't even have to put down your cocoa or leave the comfort of your pajamas.  What can beat that?!  Especially since it's eleventy bajillion degrees below zero out.  Seriously. 

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