Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today was one of those days where I was reminded how awesome I am.  (C'mon - everybody has 'em!  Maybe not all that often, but I was due!)

Today I...

- went to church -
- made lunch -
- baked cookies -
- made broccoli and cauliflower in cheese sauce -
- put the baby down for a nap, including running up and down the stairs 15 times since she is currently having more fun standing up in her crib than napping -
- made banana oatmeal -
- cleaned the kitchen -
- fixed crockpot pork for burritos for dinner -
- made carrot, green onion, corn and rice -
- started a load of laundry -
- dried a load of previously washed laundry (washed at an unknown time... did I do that?!) -
- put clean sheets and a clean changing pad cover in Leah's room - 
- cleaned the kitchen again -
- fed, bathed and put the baby to bed -
- ate dinner -
- made chicken, carrots, green onion and peas -
- wrote this blog while Casey cleaned the kitchen -

After all my hard work, though, I'm not sure I came away with anything new Leah will actually eat.  She's never had oatmeal, chicken or rice before, and I'm not sure any of those went over very well upon first taste. 

The best part - besides spending the day with my family - was getting to "feed" my kind-of-tacky-but-oh-so-fabulously-Christmas cookie jar for the first time!

Yes, it's a momma snowman with her baby snowman.  No wonder I got suckered in by this one... I know it kind of bridges that gap between festive and downright tacky, but I couldn't resist!  It makes me happy!

Whew.  On to a new day.

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