Sunday, February 20, 2011

If I did it the easy way, I wouldn't be me

My brain works in odd and unusual ways.  Where most people have a vague idea, I become obsessed with a concept until I've itemized and planned for every.single.detail. 

Casey will often comment, how did you get to that step?  I was still on step 1. 

And he's right.  I have a tendency to block out everything else once an idea takes hold of me.

In my imaginary other life, I've made a profession out of this.  I'd like to be a celebrity party planner, with thousands of dollars to spend on one silly little soiree. 

I love the joy of having an indistinct idea, fleshing out all the minute details, and watching as it comes to life; creating something out of nothing. 

And you know what?  My little sweetheart is about to turn one.  Which certainly calls for celebration in my book! 

So at our house, the planning has begun.  {Actually, if I'm honest, the planning really began about 6 months ago.  The lists started after Christmas.  The purchasing started in January.}

And, although I never give things away before the Big Day, here's a little preview of the things that inspired me.

Three weeks - I can't wait!!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a LOT to do.

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