Thursday, February 24, 2011

If you can't tell, I don't feel well!

In the past week:

- Several doses of Baby Tylenol -
- Five steam showers -
- Much use of our bulb syringe -
- One very unpleasant trip to the urgent care center -
- Countless kleenexes used -
- One sick baby and one sick husband -

Yes, cold and flu season has officially arrived at our house. 

Leah seems to be making the best of it, don't you think?

Our poor, clingy, sick little pumpkin felt terrible this week. 

I couldn't get her a last minute appointment at her pediatrician's office on Friday afternoon (go figure), so we went to urgent care instead.

Aside from the fact that the doctor opened by asking if Leah was a little girl or a little boy (Um, isn't it right there on your chart?  Inspire a little confidence, please!), he also reprimanded me for dressing her in so many layers when she had a fever.  Which of couse, she hadn't in the morning when I dressed her, but moving right along...

He very curtly informed us that all she had was a cold and there was no reason to worry.  This would have been reassuring, except his tone was very condescending, as if he couldn't believe we would waste his time over something like this. 

So we stayed in and didn't do very much.  Little Leah got the special treatment and a whole 'lotta love and cuddles, and of course, a lot of kleenex. 

We're glad that little girl is feeling more like herself!

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