Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No snow, but a whole 'lotta cold

Remember how I said I love teaching?

Well, I have one more item to add to my laundry list of reasons this is true.

Two words: Snow Day.

This weekend, it was an absolutely gorgeous 60 degrees in Colorado.  Cut to Monday, when I'm telling my lovely 8th graders to be sure to dress warmly at the bus stop the next day, because it was predicted to be a high of zero degrees the following day.

(In what world zero is a high temperature, I have no idea.)

I sometimes forget what it means to teach 8th graders, because what I intended as a sincere plea to bundle up turned into a contest between a few boys to see who could last longer outside in shorts.  In fact, they hiked up their pants to around their knees before going out to the busses for the day, leaving me no choice but to instruct them to "pull your pants down!"... before I realized the many reasons why shouting this at 13 year old boys could backfire on me.   

Fortunately, we were all spared that unpleasantness when my school district - and pretty much all the others in the state of Colorado - cancelled school!  Hooray! 

So, for the past two days, Leah and I have been home together, bundled up and trying to find ways to amuse ourselves (which, for us, isn't exactly a challenge.  We're pretty easily entertained!). 

If you can't tell, this is Leah applauding her own ingenuity. 

A few dish towels, a pants-tutu and a not-so-subtle reminder that it's time to officially baby proof is all it takes to amuse us on a cold day. 

And so it begins...

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