Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just our typical Saturday activities

It starts at 6:30 with a few little noises on the monitor.

I always try to shut my eyes and go back to sleep.  Even though I know exactly what is coming next, I pretend that maybe she's just talking in her sleep.  Kind of like when you watch Titanic and hope that this time, the boat won't sink. 

But it's inevitable.  The noises get a little more insistent, and a little more difficult to ignore and pretend she's still sleeping.

So she comes to snuggle in our bed for several minutes.  And then I no longer mind being awake.

Soon, though, we have to get up.  Normally, we would make our way downstairs to make breakfast: two eggs and a banana.  This Saturday, though, we were going to a pancake breakfast fund raiser for our friend's son's baseball team.

So instead, she got a sippy cup of milk while Mommy got dressed.  Her eggs were "to go," since we didn't think she would eat only pancakes.

She made a spectacular mess at the restaurant eating her eggs and a few bites of pancakes.  She smiled and flirted with the other patrons and had fun with baby Ella.  And can I just express how ridiculously cute those two girls were when they got together?  Let us pause for a few pictures...


Leah says, "HI!"

It was such fun to watch the two girls!  They're finally interested in one another!

A little kiss from Miss Ella.  The first time, Leah kissed Ella without even being asked, but we didn't have the camera out, so we had to re-create it.  SO STINKIN' CUTE!

Then it was off to our Music, Together! class, in which she stood and walked like a big girl, and Mommy realized just how much she's changed since we first started going in January.  I only teared up a little...

When we got home, she took a nap, followed by lunch.

And then, it was just your typical Saturday afternoon in the Strassner household.  Which tends to look a little something like this...

I sure do love my life.

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  1. what a great saturday! I love that you take her to a music class. I have been wanting to find something like that around here for Lyla, sounds fun!


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