Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break Round Up

I can't fully express how sad I am to see this spring break come to an end!  It has been such an awesome, fun and much-needed opportunity to hang out with the two people I love most in this world. 

I have to admit, though, we got quite a lot accomplished (including more than one nap on the part of the momma - can I get a "woo woo"?!)

The wedding you already know about, so here are the rest of the highlights:

Practicing our new favorite game, entitled: Leah lays on a pillow. 

Yes, if you bought her some kind of a fancy, modern toy for her birthday with lots of bells and whistles, you were clearly trying to overachieve.  All that girl needs is a pillow - all to herself. 

Practiced walking (a lot!)

Experienced the park near our house for the first time.  Barefoot, I might add!

Went to the zoo

The obligatory "How big is Leah?" picture

But really, I can't believe how much she's changed in a year!!!!

It was so much fun to watch her actually experience the zoo for the first time!  When we've been in the past, it has been a much more passive experience.  This time, she actually saw the animals.  She pointed, waved and made animal noises the entire time, and it absolutely warmed her mother's heart.

How many giraffes can we fit in one paddock?  Evidently, quite a few!
Although the temperature was in the 70's that day, the morning started off a little cooler than we had anticipated.  We had to break out sweatshirts and blankets.  Fortunately, it warmed up quickly.

Of course, her favorite animals were the geese (go figure!).  She loved to hear them honk and call to each other, and every time she spotted one, she got really excited and pointed so we would be sure not to miss it. 

I'd love to tell you she was excited about the elephants on the other side of this fence, but to be honest, there was a bunny rabbit a few feet away which captured her interest.  She's all about the exotic animals!

Watching the Sea Lion show after consuming Mommy's entire lunch.

Leah and Daddy in "Tropical Discovery."  Otherwise known as the place with all the snakes.  YUCK!

MOM - I told you I wanted to see the lions!
I adore the zoo!  I got a membership about a month ago, and I had been absolutely dying to try it out!  I see many more visits in our future this summer.

Went to the swimming pool (pictures somehow unavailable... not sure what I've done with them)

Had coffee with Auntie Jessica.  And by "had coffee," I mean spread out on the floor and emptied out Mommy's purse AND the diaper bag all over the floor.  I choose to believe the other patrons at rhymes-with-Carbucks were charmed and delighted by us.  In unrelated news, I decided that our days of meeting Auntie Jessica at coffee houses are over.

Practiced our other new favorite thing: sticking out her tongue!
Our girl laughs SO hard when I stick my tongue out at her.  I don't know what brought on the giggles all of a sudden about her tongue, but I LOVE it!

Had lunch and went to the park with Mimi and Poppi

Sidenote: It reached the 80's yesterday.  Notice that my toes are out of hibernation?  It was heavenly.  Of course, today Colorado weather had to remind us just what it's capable of... so it snowed. 

Other skills learned/practiced:
New word: Thank you
New foods tried: Chicken parmesean, bean dip, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sausage, zucchini, shredded beef and Cheddar Bunnies/Goldfish crackers.
Practiced singing a lot
Now does the evil villain laugh: Bwah, haah, haaah

It was a busy and wonderful week, and I wish there were a dozen more just like them!

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