Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I'm doing lately

...dreading my husband going away

...getting excited for summer

...signing Leah up for swim lessons

...watching Veggie Tales without the little.  Because they're awesome and make me laugh

...dreaming about the future

...running with the new jogging stroller.  (Have I not mentioned this?  It's worthy of it's own post!)

...trying to get into "couponing."  It's a lot of work

...longing for a good book to read

...wishing my church had MOPS and Bible study groups over the summer.  Why do they take a break, when that's the only time I can do those activities?

...going to bed MUCH too late for one who has to be up at 5

...almost bought an ovulation test (I don't need it yet, but OH BOY was it tempting)

...cleaned up pee pee on the floor after letting a naked wild woman run through my house

...enjoying - as always - the show!

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