Sunday, April 10, 2011

To my very special friend

Baby shower?  Success!

Auntie Jessica is about as cute a pregnant lady as they come.  I had a ton of fun designing the baby shower, and I think it was a happy day for an adorable mommy-to-be.

I love it when everything comes together!  This party had been swimming around in my head for the past three months or so, although I couldn't really start designing until after Leah's birthday. 

Each waterbottle listed a special ingredient that little boys are made of.  I was pretty pleased with the way this idea turned out!

All the food was "Baby" themed, aka "mini."  I made Baby Quiche, Babies in a Blanket, Baby Boy Muffins, Baby Vegetables, and even a Baby Lasagna (lasagna rolls). 

Cake pops!  They turned out okay, although I wasn't totally pleased with them because I'm a perfectionist.  They were a LONG way from perfect, but they were a hit nonetheless.  Thank goodness.

The ever important presents table.  The boys were gently shoved out the door shortly after this photo!
Sisters-in-law and the soon-to-be cousins

Leah says HI to her little friend

Mommies are soooooo pretty!

I am so happy and excited for my beautiful friend!  And honored beyond words that I got to share in her special day in this special way. 

As far as her D-Day, I'm voting May 11th at 2:17 p.m.  So far, my track record for guessing babys' birthdays is 3 for 3; we'll see if my streak stays alive!

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