Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some of my favorite things

Oh, what a weekend!

Casey and I had a date Friday night, which included two of my most favorite things: Sushi, and live music.  After having been pregnant for 9 months and not having any, my absolute adoration of sushi might possibly have increased.  All these months since having Leah, I totally should have been overindulging sushi on a regular basis.  I've been missing out, and I'm feeling the pressure; my days of enjoying sushi are numbered.

After our wonderful dinner, we went to a piano bar and enjoyed the music.  And witnessed three of the saddest bachelorette parties of all time.  And had a few drinks.  And enjoyed them!  And greatly enjoyed our time just the two of us.

On Sunday, my good friend Kate and her two beautiful girls introduced Leah and me to one of the most awesome indoor adventures around: Little Monkey Business (spelled with a Z, but I can't bring myself to do it.). 
We had a fabulous time playing together, and I got to see a little preview of what is in store for our sweet little Leah in about 18 months.  I can't decide if I'm excited or terrified/heartbroken to have a nearly 3-year-old; although Ella makes it look pretty easy!

It was a very busy weekend, and I needed both the time with my hubby and the time to share and spend with another mommy.  And so I'm refreshed and ready to take on another week.

And on that note... 5 weeks 'till summer break!!!!  Waaahooo!!!

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