Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blessings 101

One adjective no one has yet used to describe me is "easy-going." 

So it should come as no surprise that I was extremely anxious about taking our 16 month old - who is still a little wobbly on her feet, has no limit on the things she wants to explore and touch, and hasn't yet grown out of the "I'd like to figure this out by putting it in my mouth" stage - camping.

Thankfully, on the evening before our first comping trip, the weather lady was predicting thunder and lightning storms, flooding and mudslides.  It seems Mother Nature wanted me to have an excuse to call it off.  (Not being able to go due to inclement weather sounds much better than, Honey, Mommy chickened out and cancelled your first camping trip, which is also kinda true.)

Instead, we took a day trip to Manitou Springs, and it turned out to be a wonderful family outting.

We explored the city, which was absolutely adorable and very tourist-friendly.

Leah's favorite part of the day?  The Duck Store.  That girl was in heaven!


Is that a happy face, or what?!

We climbed 225 stairs to the top of Seven Falls.

The view from the top: Awesome!
We also took a short hike from the top of the falls, which was absolutely breathtaking. 
My attempt at being an "artsy" photographer.

By the time we finished with all of this, and made our way back down the many steps - a task that was a LOT easier for me going up than going down - it was well past someone's nap time. So we drove to a local park for a picnic lunch and a nap.

Leah absolutely loved picnicking in the park!

She even took a short nap!  By the time we got going again, most of the afternoon had passed us by, so we loaded up the car and  headed home, where we were all exhausted and slept like the dead.  At home in our beds, I might add, where we got to listen to the rain without being out in it.  

Camping?  Maybe next year...

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