Saturday, July 2, 2011

While I was waiting for you

Hoping for those two little pink lines
that would tell me you're there.
Longing to feel the swell of my belly
and watch the numbers on the scale rise.
Thub-thub-thubbing on a doctor's monitor
making me completely forget I'm in an uncomfortable position.
Little nudging on the inside
like a bubble bursting.
Being brave.
Being strong.
Talking to you in the car.
Daddy reading to you at night.
Teaching your sister how to be gentle
and just a little bit more grown up than she might be otherwise.

Knowing I have to be patient.
Knowing I'm not just waiting to be pregnant
I'm waiting on you.
Another perfect miracle.
Not just any baby.
My baby.
You're exactly the one we prayed for.
Exactly the one I've been praying for all my life.

And I know you're on your way.

If only I can wait.

Just a little more.

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