Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Daddy missed

Casey is coming home tonight (thank goodness!) after two weeks away.  Unfortunately travel is just a part of his job, but I thought I'd recap a few things he missed while he was gone.
Leah's playdate with her friends Ella and Ava at the Children's Museum.  We love to play dress up!
LeeLee and a sleeping baby James.  I heart those two!

My little cowgirl

A little more dress up.  I love this picture, partly because it reminds me of this and makes me laugh:

(Sidenote: is it wrong to compare my child to Jim Carey in a tutu?  I digress...)

Guess who learned the word COOKIE?

The little and her little (teddy, that is)

Playing in the water.  The best part?  I built it myself!  It was sunny when I started building this contraption, if that tells you anything.

And, to wrap things up, a video of our sweetpea.  We were eating lunch and naming body parts, and this was supposed to showcase how much she knows.  Except that when I turned the camera on her, she got a funny look on her face and clammed up.  So instead, it's just a cute video with a few randomly-named body parts mixed in.  I swear, she knows them.  Honest!

Yes, I am clearly an award-winning cinematographer.  I will await your fanmail complimenting me on my mad skills.  (Focus?  Which button is that, again?)

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  1. She is adorable! She has soooo many words- I'm amazed. I think she will be out talking C when we see you guys next week.


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