Thursday, January 19, 2012

Because pregnancy is too funny not to talk about


It's not exactly a milestone.  In fact, I'm not really sure where it has come from at all.  I certainly don't remember this happening with Leah.

I do love the constant little reminders that I'm pregnant.  It's another little indication that everybody in there is safe and sound, which means a lot to me - even if the reminders aren't exactly glamorous.

My right boob is bigger than my left boob.  Yep.  Like, noticeably bigger.

If this keeps up, I'm honestly going to have to take a page from my middle schoolers and start padding my bra.  Just the one side, though.  I've forgotten the technique; do you use a sock if you're a girl or a boy???

I once saw an app for people who are trying to get pregnant that involved a baby bottle when you were supposed to be ovulating, and flaming boobies for the first day of your menstrual cycle.

I keep thinking about those flaming boobies, because that's what I've got: disproportionately-sized boobs of fire that ache pretty much all day.  Running is out of the question, because, let's face it, I'd probably be off balance anyway what with one side of my chest weighing double the other side.  Besides that, a person just can't run with sore ta-tas.  Too much bouncing.  It's a rare form of torture seldom used in industrialized countries.   

In other, less invasive news, I'm getting really excited to go to the doctor next week.  Even though it's still early, I'm pretty sure I can't keep it under wraps much longer.  Just about the whole staff knows I'm pregnant, and the kids have already started to ask questions.  I'll feel so much better once we get the all clear from the doctor, early or not.  Besides, I only have 4 shirts that effectively hide my belly, and cycling through those over and over for the next month isn't exactly an attractive option. 

The best news, though, is that I'm past week 6.  Both times I've miscarried, I've never gotten that far.  In fact, the first time I saw Leah on an ultrasound, she was 6 weeks and 6 days, and we're darn close to that now.  My confidence grows every day that early doesn't have to be a bad thing, just a place to start. 

Plus, when I start to get worried, the flaming, uneven boobies are a pretty good reminder.

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  1. Jon and I are a laughing so hard right now! Seriously, you crack me up! I love the sock comment. Jon said that boys don't pad their bras :)


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