Friday, January 20, 2012

Made it to 8. Weeks, that is.

Somewhere, there is a very pregnant woman who is missing her belly.  I know this because I seem to have stolen it. 

Baby size: Raspberry. (AWESOME!)

I am amazed by how similar this pregnancy has been so far to my first, even in its early days.  I've lost the rolling nausea I had right away.  Although it's been replaced by that gagging sensation I remember so well, it hasn't resulted in barfing.  That's a very good thing in my world.

There are the moments I am teaching - always, always in my 5th period class - and I know I have to stop talking and not open my mouth for a few minutes.  If I don't, I'll throw up.  I didn't remember that this happened to me before until it happened this time, and now I remember that I used to keep saltines in my desk drawer.  It still works.

To my knowledge, no or very minimal weight gain as a result of pregnancy; although it's hard to separate what I gained as a result of Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

The only significant craving I have to report is an odd one: Cinnamon Toast Cruch cereal, which I haven't had since I was a kid (and even then we very rarely got that special treat!). 

I'm also surprised by how much more distractable I seem to be by food.  I don't know if it's cravings exactly, but if someone suggests something that sounds good to me, I cannot get it out of my head.  I don't actually know that I want it until someone else brings it up, but once it's there... you can bet I'll be getting some by the end of the day.  That is different this time around. 

Other than that, pregnancy feels pretty much the way I remember it!  My biggest symptom is exhaustion, and unfortunately it hits me right at a time that is least convenient: between about 3-7:30.  After 7:30, I get a second wind.  The severe tired hits right when I'm home with Leah.  Let's suffice it to say, we've watched a lot of Caillou around our house in the last two weeks. 

It's usually when I'm in the car on my way to work that the waterworks hit me.  When it's just me and my tiny one, and I can fully appreciate the miracle that is happening.  I haven't started talking to the baby - yet - but it's hard to hold back the tears when I get a chance to remember just how special each one of these all-too-few pregnant days are.  And how lucky we'll be at the end of it all, to be adding this beautiful little life to our family.

Yes, these are very happy and treasured times.  :)

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