Saturday, March 2, 2013


A few of the things I want to remember about my little big guy at six months:

  • He loves to bounce in the jumpy swing.  He very clearly recognizes the word jump.
  • He absolutely adores his big sissy.  Any time she gets near him he just grins.  Even when she's being, well, three, and it ends more roughly than I would like.  It doesn't phase the kid; he gives her the puppy-dog iloveyou eyes. 
  • He understands so much language.  It's neat to watch the words he obviously knows.  Some of my faves include: kiss, listen, Logan, Mommy, Leah, Sister, Sissy, spoon, hungry, I love you, bed, teddy, book and milk. 

  • He gives the world's best kisses.  You've heard the expression sucking face?  He literally does this.  It's completely, disgustingly, wipe-your-mouth-out gooey, but I absolutely adore it.
  • He has reached a phase where he screams - a high-pitched, glass breaking kind of scream that absolutely rattles your soul - for no apparent reason.  Let the record show: it is not my favorite thing.
  • He has tried several foods, including: carrots, squash, avocado, banana, pears, broccoli, cauliflower, potato, peas and corn.  Favorite?  I'd have to say the broccoli/cauliflower mix.  Sister loved this one, too.  Interestingly enough, he's not a big fan of pears.
  • Still nurses many times a day.
  • Finally, finally takes the paci at night.
  • Finally, finally sleeps more than two hours at a time.  In fact, literally in the last week his sleeping has all come together thanks to a combination of solid foods, moving bed time one hour earlier (and I knew this months ago... why, why didn't I try it then??) to 6 instead of 7 and finally deciding to take the paci at night.  Thank God.  Seriously.
  • He is still my sweet, giggly little man.  I adore his belly laughs.
  • He can mostly sit on his own, but he doesn't have much interest in it.  He's much more likely to kick his legs and tip himself over.
  • Has finally come around to tummy time.  I even caught him sleeping on his tummy a few days ago (nevermind the fact that I almost had a heart attack, because this is the first time he's done it). 

Remember when I was worried about having a boy?  Yeah, me neither.  It's amazing how someone can fit so perfectly and completely into a family, and into the very fabric of my being.  This little boy has captured me, mind, body and soul.   

I couldn't love him more. 

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