Monday, May 27, 2013

Adventures in swimming: A naked story

"Leah, go grab your swimsuit so that we can go to the pool."

Standing in the kitchen, I have an armful of towels that I'm wrestling into a bag that's proving to be too small.  Casey is bagging animal crackers, popcorn, sandwiches and other snacks so that we can venture down the street to the pool, which has been open all of about 3.5 seconds.  I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it: we live two blocks down from our neighborhood pool, and it might be my dream come true.

I can hear her upstairs.  I'm sure there will be some sort of pile when I walk up there, but before I have to, her little fleet fly down the stairs and she makes her appearance in the kitchen: thoroughly proud of herself, sunglasses on, Dad's flip-flop in one hand and swimsuit in the other.

And completely buck nekkid.

She grins and giggles, obviously pleased with the reaction her antics have attracted.

And then, drops everything and bolts -

running around and around the island.

There is also a crazy song and dance that goes along with her merriment

about how excited she is to go swimming.

Nekkid running aside, she might be her momma's girl.  Can you tell?

She's a little rocket.  She can't be stopped.


...she spots the animal crackers sitting on the counter, and realizes that would be a really delightful nekkid treat.

It's going to be a good summer. 

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