Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Three fourths of a year.  As long out as in.  Nine months sure sneaks up on you when you're the mother of a baby.  It's also a reminder that the big 0-1 mark is right around the corner.

My little guy at nine months:

*Isn't enamoured with baby food any longer.  Loooooves to feed himself if he's given the opportunity, and can officially eat an entire animal cracker.  On his own.  With only minimal freaking out from the momma.

*Foods tried this month include: egg white, pork, animal cracker, french fry, potato salad, jello, banana pieces, avocado pieces, guacamole, tortilla, zucchini and mushroom.  Can you tell he's starting to eat what we're eating?

*Still does the army crawl, but nothing is off-limits anymore.  He's also jumped the single step from the living room into the entry, and made his way back down.  The first time was pretty cautious, the second he just barrelled off the ledge.  I don't think we're in Kansas anymore with this one.


*Wears exclusively 12 month clothing (and really, has since sometime during month 7 with only a few exceptions).  I'm pretty sure he's going to be in 18 months by his birthday.  {gulp.} 

*Diapers have been let out to the fullest possible extent since roughly 6 or 7 months.  I can't remember when I took the plunge, but it's been a while.

*Is getting to be so responsive.  I absolutely adore the little personality that's emerging.  For the first time, I can watch him really mentally process the world around him, and trying to be obedient.  It's kind of amazing.  I ask him to stop, and he does.  I ask him to be gentle (since he's prone to smacking me.  Hard.), and he will.  He bit me last night (the first time, thank goodness) and I yelped "OUCH!"  He cried, but I don't think it was because I scared him.  He kept touching and touching my face, and his cry wasn't his typical "I'm upset" cry.  I swear, it was like he felt bad for hurting mom.  I'm predicting it now: this boy of ours has one sweet little heart (and a great big personality!). 

*Does the SOBIG!! in response to, "how big is Logan?" {love.}

*Sleep.  You guys?  We're getting some.  He takes two 1.5-2 hour naps during the day and sleeps from 6:30 or 7 to 4 a.m.  He then nurses and goes immediately back to sleep until about 6.  Can I get a hallelujah?

*Has the world's best blue eyes.  When people meet him for the first time, I always hear two things: "...is he... really big?" and "He has the most beautiful eyes!"  (And yes.  He is really big.  Thanks for noticing.)

*Has an awesome mohawk.  And by awesome, I mean way more hair than Sister ever had.  It's possible that he may need a haircut before he turns three.  Rock on. (LMS still hasn't had to sit in the big chair.)

*Pretends to be part of the WWE on the changing table.  Spins and squirms and rolls and grabs.  I'm kind of exhausted from trying to wrestle him into his diapers and clothes. 

*Fits so well into our little family.  He is absolutely adored by Big Sis, and the feeling is completely mutual.  It still takes my breath away sometimes - we are blessed beyond words or imagining.  I love that little sweet boy more than I can say.

Happy 9 month birthday, my beautiful boy.

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