Saturday, May 4, 2013

Because motherhood is beautiful

Our sweet little peanut.  9 minutes old
Motherhood is beautiful. 
Even when it comes after 24 hours of labor.
Even when it comes accompanied by 16 gallons of IV fluid.

Motherhood is beautiful.

And oh, so worth it.

I came accross these pictures while designing invites for a friend's baby shower, and I couldn't resist posting them.
Between the going back to the hospital, the buying and rennovating a house and the moving, teeny tiny baby Logan didn't really get his fair air time anyway.  Not to mention, he was only teeny tiny for like 12.5 seconds.
in all its exhausted, worn out, joyous, overwhelmed, miraculous forms,
Motherhood is beautiful.


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  1. this was beautiful! Loved it. And I cannot believe how little Logan was! lol


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