Saturday, May 11, 2013

Date night, mommy style

**I'm a week late in posting this, but I know you'll forgive me when you hear the deets. 

So we've been a man down here recently.  Casey was gone 27 out of 34 days - which is a lot when you're still nursing, washing diapers, making baby food, napping ever two hours (that would be the babe.  I should be so lucky), working full time and trying to run an entire household, all while being outnumbered 2:1. 

My big girl needed something fun to occupy her time. 

I mean, we did have the toilet paper in the sink episode.  And all the chucking stuff in random places.  And the pooping in the bathtub incident. 

So we were in desperate need of something that would remind us both how much we like each other and why we get along. 

Enter: the sleepover.

The plan?  Have icecream sandwiches, eat popcorn in bed, watch Cars and fall asleep in Mommy's bed.  It was date night, Mommy-style. 

And it was a huge hit. 

Like, mind-blowing.  The little girl absolutely could not stop talking about the idea of eating popcorn in bed.  And she loooooved getting to sleep in Mommy's bed. 

She's pretty sweet, that big girl of mine.  And she has just the best heart of anyone I've ever met.  It's nice to be reminded, amidst the challenges of being a tiny person with a big vocabulary and big wants and desires, just how much I do love that sweet little thing. 

No pictures were snapped because, well, aparantly I just don't do that these days.  But we had a ball.  I highly recommend having a sleepover with the little loved one(s) in your life.

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