Friday, May 10, 2013

On the day I closed a door

"So... I quit my job today."

Read the e-mail I sent to my husband as my heart pounded away.  It was followed immediately by, "I have to submit a letter of resignation, so if we have any doubts, now's the time to call it off..."

I ran into one of my all-time favorite students.  He said to me, "I had a really rough freshman year.  Every time I got down on myself, I just remembered what you said to me at the end of 8th grade.  It really meant a lot to me."  (Sidenote: I sure wish I could remember what the heck I said to him!)

One of my co-workers who has been teaching for over a decade told me what a great teacher she thinks I am.  One of the best she's ever seen, in fact.  She was genuinely distressed at my leaving.

It's nice to feel accomplished.  It's nice to feel like I'm good at the job that I love.  I'm not completely sure how I got so lucky as to actually be good at this crazy job, but the truth is: I am pretty darn good.  Largely because I am surrounded by some truly wonderful people.  Together, we make an almost unstopable team. 

And I'm leaving it behind. 

These two little faces.  They're just so darned worth it. 

I'm nervous and excited.  And 100% sure they'll keep me hopping in ways those 8th graders never could. 

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