Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leah 1.0

A full year of Leah.  What a treat!

It is amazing to see the changes that have come over our sweet baby recently.  In the past two weeks, she has gone from being a baby into a full-fledged toddler.  It happened - justlikethat - before I even saw it coming.

At 12 months, Leah:

- Has officially outgrown her baby food.  Mommy can no longer puree her food; it simply won't get eaten. 

- She now likes: Peas, corn, black beans, cottage cheese, cut up chicken, eggs, cheese, onions, spaghetti, and absolutely anything that comes off of Mommy or Daddy's plates.  Who knew she could eat so much and so well without teeth?

- Has begun to toddle.  Not walk yet, but I watch in awe as her little feet do the walking dance which will soon turn into first steps.

- Immitates everything.  When I ask her if she would like some cheese, she replies, "Chssssss!!" with the most adorable enthusiasm.

- No longer nurses, and has made the transition to cow's milk.

- Wears size 3 diapers, and fits into both size 2 and 3 shoes.

- Has been attending Music, Together! classes, and grins like a maniac when she hears any of the songs from our class.

- Absolutely loves music.  She sings and claps along, and I am actually impressed by how well she can match pitch. 

- Has two teeth (okay, she has half of two teeth.  Seriously, Jessica's baby {due in May} is going to have teeth before this girl!)

- Is incredibly shy in front of people.  Whenever she and I go anywhere, we keep a running dialogue and discuss sounds of animals and various words she can sign.  As soon as she is aware of anyone watching us, she turns her little head into my chest and grins coyly. 

- Loves phones and remotes.  She is fascinated by them, and will demand that I give her the phone whenever I'm talking.

- Gets excited and pleased with herself whenever she finds her toys.  She loves to show off whatever she has.

I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone.  Parents always say that - and yet, you never truly understand it until you get there. 

We couldn't be more proud of this little girl, and can't wait to see what amazing changes the next year will bring. 

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