Monday, October 19, 2009


My wonderful husband was out of town when the baby started moving, which was such a huge disappointment to me - not that he would have been able to feel anything had he been here...

Since he got back, though, I have been determined to let him feel Baby! It is absolutely an amazing experience, and one I desperately wish that I could share with him. So every night before we go to bed, we spend some time with his hand on my belly, just waiting for Baby to reveal him or herself.

So far, we've been feeling a bit like maybe Baby doesn't really like Daddy that much! Baby will be moving around like crazy, and as soon as Casey puts his hand on my belly... nothin'. It is so disappointing! I am trying very hard to focus on and enjoy what is happening right now, and not get caught up in how excited I am for the things to come, but I can't wait for Casey to share in this!

Casey is such a good daddy. It is incredible to me to watch the way he takes care of me, and how much he loves our baby, even when he can't truly experience Baby yet. He reads to us, and we spend time every day talking to Baby. Friday morning, he was kissing my belly goodbye as I left for work! He decided that I could go, but Baby had to stay. It's absolutely adorable!

It is amazing to me how love has such infinite capacities. I would not have believed it was possible to love Casey more than I already did; and yet, through this process, seeing him take care of me and knowing what a truly wonderful, awesome father he is going to be (and already is in so many ways), my love and admiration for him has definitely grown. I got very lucky when I fell in love with him!!

At any rate, I think we finally had a breakthrough last night... not only was Baby moving around at just the right time, but Casey was finally able to feel the baby too!! It was awesome, even though I don't think Casey really knew what he was feeling. It's certainly a lot easier for me than it is for him... but we were both extremely excited just the same!!

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