Monday, October 26, 2009

May I have the envelope please....

We had our gender ultrasound appointment today! No, we do not yet know if we're expecting a little boy or girl. But, we did get to look at baby for a solid hour today, which was pretty amazing!

At the radiologist's office - 19 weeks and 5 days

The appointment itself was awesome. I was instructed to come with a full bladder, and not to use the bathroom after an hour and a half prior to the appointment - which turned out to be completely impossible! I drank a Pedialyte in the hopes that it would help Baby to be moving around (and by "a Pedialyte," I mean the gigantic, 32 oz kind!). It was strawberry, which was absolutely disgusting, but it was worth it, because we were able to see everything we needed to see!

Casey and I had already decided that, although we (desperately!) want to know the gender, we would not find out today. We are having a "sex party" on Friday, and sending the results of the ultrasound to a baker who will then create a cake for us with pink or blue on the inside. When we cut into it, then we will finally find out, along with all of our friends. I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

But today, knowing that someone has the results - including us, in a now-unsealed envelope even though we haven't looked - waiting for Friday seems like an eternity!

Getting bigger everyday...

The best news, though, is that everything is measuring exactly as it is supposed to. I am thrilled to say that Baby is perfectly average in every way, which is exactly the way we want our baby to be at this point in its life! The ultrasound tech pushed and prodded and twisted so that he could see every little piece of Baby, from counting fingers to more obscure things like Baby's femur. I had three favorites of the day: 1) seeing Baby's heart beat, 2) getting to see our baby's profile, which has changed immensely since the last ultrasound, and 3) Baby's tongue! That was such an incredible sight!

Casey and I are both so excited for Friday, we can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or a girl!!

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