Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For the Record...

Strassner Family Crystal Ball

We made an appointment to have our "gender ultrasound" next Monday, which means we will finally know the sex of the baby soon! I couldn't be more excited!

Before that comes to pass, though, I thought I would take a minute to make a few predictions...

Mommy predicts a boy! For reasons unknown, I have been convinced that this baby is a boy literally from day one. I will be so surprised if we have a different outcome! In my head it's a boy, and I keep thinking of names for little boys.

Beyond that, though, everyone I have talked to says its a boy! Not that they have any more idea than the rest of us, but honestly, not one single person seems to think we're having a girl. That should mean something, right? Our friend's 5 year old son - using his X-ray vision, of course - declared that we were having a little boy the day we announced our pregnancy. The lady in the maternity store said that everyone having a baby in February are all having girls, so (naturally) everyone giving birth in March is having boys. I don't know what makes me think this, especially since there really is no way to tell, but I'm convinced that we are expecting a bouncing bundle wrapped in blue!

Casey is Switzerland; he is so neutral on the gender issue, he won't even commit to a prediction. He says he has no preference either way as long as Baby is happy and healthy, and I actually believe him. We are both so excited to know one way or the other!

Just for fun, we did a few old wives' tales last night, and the results were mixed. Most of them came back indicating that we're having a boy, but the "wedding ring over belly" test (obviously the most reliable one!) swung in a circle, meaning that we're expecting a little girl.

Either way, we'll know soon enough. Baby boy or girl... we love you!!

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