Sunday, October 11, 2009

My little nudger

I have been feeling the most peculiar sensation for the past two days... I can't fully describe it, but it is absolutely amazing. I'm pretty sure it's the baby moving around.

Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch grading papers and watching a football game (which we were losing, but oh well). Out of the blue, I felt a little... something going on in my lower abdomen. To me, it felt like a little bubble bursting inside. I stopped, and put my hand on my belly, but it didn't happen again.

For about 3 minutes, that is... and then I felt a whole series of these little flutters!

It happened again last night while I was laying in bed. This morning, I got on a couple of different websites to see if what I was feeling might fit the description of Baby's movement, and I was very pleased. People have described it as popcorn popping, or the flutter of fingernails on your arm, but obviously on the inside. Both of these aptly fit what I'm feeling.

It has been happening this morning on and off for the past 30 minutes, and at this point, I'm convinced it is our little baby - who is apparently very active!

I am so thrilled!!!!! Go, Baby, go!!!

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  1. I remember when I felt Lyla for the first time, it was so cool. Just wait until you feel actually kicks, that will be the best!!


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