Saturday, July 3, 2010

We salute you, Maj. Giggles

When the story of Leah's first giggles is written (and, let's face it, I'm the one writing it, after all!), it will go something like this:

Scene: Mommy and Daddy's bed, approx. nap time on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Leah is laying next to mommy, both of them on their sides staring at each other and smiling.

Mommy: I love you, Leah!
Leah smiles a big, gummy smile.
Leah: *Inaudible*
Mommy: I'm gonna give you kisses!
Mommy tickles Leah and gives her kisses.
Leah: *Major giggles!*
Mommy: Was that a laugh?!
Mommy calls for Daddy and the process repeats, with more giggles! Mommy and Daddy join in the laughter, and cover Baby with kisses.

-End Scene-

...There will definitely be no mention of "The Proposal" or a certain song involving the perspiring of certain male parts.

I like this version much better. Hopefully, it is something that will be repeated often!! Especially since, by the time I had gotten the camera, she was more intent on sleeping than showing off her new-found ability to laugh.

I always love being a mom, even on the hard days. But there are some days that being a mommy is just SO darn joyful!!!!!

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