Monday, October 25, 2010

Bed Head

Learning to crawl sucks. 

Once upon a time I thought it was awesome.  But that was back before I was a horrible mother.  Before I mentally calculated the future therapy bills Leah will inevitably accrue.  Back when I trusted in the pillow obstacle course I set up to protect my baby from harm. 

Back before Leah crawled off our bed while she was supposed to be sleeping. 

Yes, I win the worst mother of the year award. 

No damage appeared to be done, aside from the years it took off my life when I discovered she was on the floor instead of the bed.  She cried, but stopped crying literally a few seconds after I picked her up.  I cried a LOT longer than that.  I checked for bumps or bruises, and she had none.  Not so much as a red spot. 

She was back to her usual smiley self moments later.

I, on the other hand, will be recovering for days.

Both Casey and my mom took exactly the same line about the whole thing (so much so that I'm convinced they must have been in cahoots with each other): Babies are made to bounce, and every single parent has done it. 

And now, so have I.  Poor, sweet baby Leah.  Our mistakes are part of our journey...


  1. that is always the saddest thing...Lyla has fallen off the bed twice on my watch :( it never gets easier, but they do survive! :)

  2. Cecilia did this once too. She then vomited her entire breakfast all over me. Talk about scary and needing therapy (me, not her). It's ok mama, she probably doesn't even remember the fall this morning, but she does remember that you are her Mom.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, Charlie has fallen off the bed TWICE! I felt horrible both times. It happens to everyone and most certainly doesn't make you a horrible mother. :)


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