Saturday, October 23, 2010


Sometimes it hits me more powerfully than others.  Just out of the blue, for no particular reason.  I hope I never, ever take it for granted:

Grateful for our happy, healthy baby!!! 

**But I still can't post these silly pictures the right way!  Even when they're rotated correctly, when I upload them, they turn themselves!  GRRRRR.....  


  1. cute pic!! as for the pictures, try going to {a free editing website} and upload the pictures that are giving you trouble. once uploaded, rotate the picture as needed to make it upright, save it to your desktop and then upload that picture to should work, that has happened to me before!

  2. If you drag the photo you want to use to your desktop use the windows photo viewer to rotate it. The it should upload as it appears on your desktop. (if you use windows)


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