Friday, October 1, 2010


So, I must admit that I didn't exactly hold up my end of the bargain.  I didn't make a whole week's worth of meals.  Instead, I copped out on Thursday and had left over chicken pasta, because A) I was tired, and B) we had a ton of it left over.  It was still yummy!

Shredded Pork Burritos

This is my newest, easiest, ingenious-est recipe!  It's a little sad how easy it is to make, but absolutely de-lish nonetheless!  Throw it in the crock pot in the morning and forget it!

1lb pork shoulder ribs (roughly 3 individual ribs)
1 yellow onion, thinly sliced
1 8oz jar salsa verde (I used the Archer's Farm brand from Target because it was on sale - worked like a charm)
2 anaheim chiles, sliced and seeded to desired spiciness (or a small jar of jalepenos would work here too)

1. Spray bottom of slow cooker lightly with olive oil.  Layer onions on bottom of crockpot, followed by pork shoulder.
2.  Add salsa verde and chiles/jalepenos.  Cook on low approx 8 hours. 
3. WALK AWAY smiling to come back to a deliciously scented house!  Shred and serve in tortillas with any combination of the following: cheese, sour cream, avocado, beans, rice, tomatos or other desired fixins.  YUM!

*No picture was taken of tonight's meal, as it simply disappeared too quickly!

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