Friday, October 29, 2010


I love traditions.  That being said, I had to have a few up my sleeve for Leah's very first Halloween.  Which is why we made these:

We do this every year at Christmas, but we decided that Leah's first Halloween deserved the creation of a new family tradition. 

Of course, new family traditions require a few things:


Cookie cutters...
More cookie cutters...

and of course...

an audience!

I wasn't entirely sure how the cookies were going to turn out, but in the end, I was pretty pleased.  Of course, we're not exactly what you would call "talented" in the cookie painting department, but Casey and I had fun decorating - not to mention eating - our "masterpieces," and that's the most important thing!

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  1. Hey Melissa!
    Love your cookies!! I was wondering if you had a recipe that you use for your icing? As well do you just use regular paint brushes?

    I am hoping to do some fun cookie decorating this holiday season!
    Thanks! LOVE your blog!


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