Friday, November 25, 2011

71 degrees and a turkey

I am a very weather-motivated person.

As in, I really need the weather to cooperate in order for it to truly feel like "the season."

I don't appreciate rain on the fourth of July,
or snow on Easter.
I'm not fond of Indian summers,
and I really dislike warm weather on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Nonetheless, that's what we got. 

And it turned out lovely, despite the fact that I had to open Leah's window and turn on the fan because it was 85 degrees in her room when I put her to bed.  I didn't even have summer jammies to put her in, poor little sweaty girl.

Since Leah was still recovering from her bout with the flu, we didn't do much.  We watched the Thanksgiving Day parade, and spent the day playing games and doing crafts, giggling and laughing and napping a little.

Until it was time for dinner and our guests began to arrive.

Then, of course, we did what every family does on Thanksgiving... we ate!


I was reminded on this Thanksgiving of what a blessing it is to have a family.  What a blessing it is to be a family.  To be a wife; to be a mommy.  Those things seem so common, and yet so extraordinary to me.  I'm lucky to be both, and I'm appreciating that neither actually comes as easily as we're raised to expect. 

I'm lucky to have both my parents, and even my grandma and grandpa.  Although our little table and our little family is a small one, we're extremely lucky to have one another. 

Glory to God, and thank you for all these blessings.  And may I always be reminded, most especially when I don't want to be, of all that you have freely given.  Your will, Lord, not my own. 

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