Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful for

Today I'm thankful for that girl and her mad-crazy skills. 


...The fact that she recognizes at least 4 written letters (often I think it's more, but at other times it's hard to tell if she really knows them), the shapes heart and star, and colors red, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink.

...The way she points at stoplights and exclaims, "Green!  Go-ooooo!" "Red, stop."

...The fact that she loves to be mommy's little helper.  "LeeLee he-per!" she cries as she tries to place the books back in the cabinets.

...Her fierce independence.  "Self!" she responds as I try to hold her hands going up the stairs.

...The way she chooses her bibs, and the colors of her fork and bowl at meal times.

...Her incredible empathy.  She is so sensitive to the emotions of others around her, and gets the most concerned look on her face whenever someone is upset.

...Her ever-emerging opinions.  She's not unclear about what she wants, and she's certainly not afraid to tell you. (And I have no idea where she gets that one.  I'm easy-going!)

...The way she can solidly count to five.  Like, on her own with super minimal prompting.

...The freaky way she knows everything.  No, seriously.  E-v-e-r-y-thing.  When Casey was gone last month, I asked her if she knew where daddy had gone, and she responded, "plane."  I was floored.  How she knew this, to this day I'm not sure.  None of us can actually recall telling her this.  It's very bizarre when she answers correctly, and it's a question I wasn't aware she knew the answer to. 

My sweet baby girl, whatever else people may tell you in your life, know that knowledge is totally, unspeakably, hold-your-breath-in-anticipation cool.  In this age of young girls who find their self-worth in their bodies rather than their brains and limit their own potential to fit in, I say a prayer that you will choose the path of the smart girl.  The brain-i-ack.  The bookworm.  The  smartypants

You, my beautiful, bright-eyed and freakishly gifted child, are well on your way.  And I couldn't be more grateful or proud.

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