Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let there be (Christmas) lights

Part of our Thanksgiving tradition is to stay up late into the night putting up the Christmas tree.

This year, I just couldn't do it (probably because I was tempted to take out my summer clothes and swim suit-up since it was 900 degrees in our house!)

So we went to bed without any hint that Christmas might be coming.

By the time we woke up, someone was missing our tradition.

And by someone, I do not mean me. 

Yes, it seems I've made a convert out of my holiday-ho-humming husband, because the first thing on his mind was to get that tree up!
Notice what time it is??  That's right.  I was still sippin' my coffee... I'm supposed to be on vacation, for heaven's sake!

He had a happy little helper-elf, who was all too eager to participate in what was going on.  To my intense surprise, having her there added to the experience!  That girl was AWESOME!  She ran ornaments back and forth between mommy, daddy and the tree, and even got to help pick out where to place the decorations on the tree. 

We also ventured out of our cozy, Christmas-y little house to watch the City of Denver light the lights.  And it was windy, and cold, and we were out past the little's bed time.  Whoooooops...

At least it made for a good photo-op...

I am so excited to begin this wonderful holiday season!

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