Saturday, August 17, 2013

My babies love babies and three in twenty four

Tuesday afternoon, as we were in the process of buying a matress (because our lives are glamorous and we live like rock stars), we got a call from our dear friends who were in the hospital and in labor.  With twins. 

Wednesday afternoon, (after 25 hours of labor, which went almost pace for pace like mine a year ago, except for the fact that there were two.  Poor thing.) we went to visit those tiny little cuties.  Leah was dying to hold them, but because they were so small - 4.13 and 4.04 - and still a little delicate, I wasn't sure that was such a good idea.  Fortunately, she had her buddy and the world's best big brother Marc to distract her, so it didn't turn out to be a tragedy.  Logan couldn't stop pointing.  "BABY!"  "BABY!" he exclaimed over and over again, not sure where to look at first.

As we were eating dinner on the way home from the hospital, we got a call from my mom.  My sister went into labor and was on her way to the hospital. 

Thursday morning we trekked down to visit our new baby cousin.

And he's a cutie!

At 6.13, I felt a little better about my baby holding him. 
She was absolutely thrilled. 

Can you tell?

Logan couldn't miss out on the action, and reprised his role.  "BABY!"pointyfinger! "BABY!"
After visiting the twins, Leah was a bit confused as to why Greyson didn't have a sister.  She's told me a couple of times that we need to go visit Greyson's sister (since obviously she just must not have been born yet).  She has also informed me - especially after baby Lauren was born - that she is very disappointed that she does not have a sister.  She'd like me to work on that for her.  And another brother, while we're at it.   
These sweet ones of mine sure do love babies.   Good thing, too, given the rate those around us are popping them out.  The best days are always when babies come, and we were pretty blessed to have three within only hours of each other. 

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