Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Warm vs. Cool {and a truckload of things that inspire me}

You know those quizzes that ask all sorts of silly things and require you to squeeze your great big self and all you are into a few tiny traits?

Find out: Are you a Charlotte or a Carrie?  Are you a body language decoder or dork?  What kind of Female are you?  (That one is actually real, which scares the heck out of me because the Powers that Be have decided all women fall into four categories.  Yeah - that sounds plausible.)

As if I can define myself in one of four absolute statements:
Choose one.

I could see myself as the CEO of a company one day.

I often find it hard to make decisions about the direction I want my life to take.

I've fantasized about my ideal fairytale wedding.

I'm not looking for a serious relationship at this point in my life.

Yes, because a person can't simultaneously dream about a wedding and imagine being a CEO.  Thank you for your infinite wisdom, random Cosmo writers. 

Typically, I don't subscribe to anything that breaks us down so simplistically - because, let's face it, there's just more to us than absolutes - but when it comes to decor, there are a few categories I find myself falling into. 

For example, I find that I am attracted to warm colors - specifically, the autumn ones. 

I'm naturally drawn to those colors up there.  The red, the orange, the gold, the green.  Earthy tones and simple, comfy furniture without much pattern.  Dark wood.  Love.

It's easy to see how that played out in our old house, which was practically a shrine to the autumn hues.
Yes, I'm definitely an autumn.  Better than a Charlotte or a Carrie, I suppose...

See what I mean?  Those warm colors.  Dark wood furniture with some wraught iron touches. Slightly Tuscan influences.  Everything clearly crafted and fabricated.
It's so funny to me to look at these pictures now.  Because, as much as I loved that house (and I did,  tons) it's not the direction things have gone in our new home.  My tastes have completely evolved and changed - I don't think I've brought a single one of the shades or influences from our old home to our new one.  (Which does make things a little interesting, because we still have the same furniture and furnishings we did before.  We're working with what we've got as much as possible, since we don't have an unlimited budget.)
Instead, I'm going as far in the other direction as it is possible to go.  All of a sudden, I'm into cool colors.  Especially blues, which are something completely foreign to me. Like this:
And colors based in grey:
With slightly farm-house, vintage industrial, craftsman/DIY influences:
I adore this kitchen.  More on this later, when you actually see our kitchen.
And pops of color.  Like, bright color and painted furniture. 
Her house, which I absolutely love for oh so many reasons.  Like the entry below.  Who couldn't love it?
I'm also loving words on walls (and cushions, chalkboards, signs... pretty much anywhere) and anything that is personalized.

Especially Monograms:

Not to mention, hooks, chevron stripes, light fixtures (aaaah, don't even get me started on the light fixtures.  I'm obsessed), baskets, particularly wire baskets, and anything that evokes a feeling of the past.  I'm a whole new version of my former self. 
It will be very interesting to see where it all leads. 
What looks are you loving?  How have your tastes changed over time?  If you had an unlimited budget and oozed talent and creativity, what would be the first project in your home?

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