Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Things you asked, episode II

Sidenote: Are you digging the Roman numeral instead of number 2 in the title of this post?  Does it make you feel all Star Wars-y and nostalgic?  Wondering if this post is going to start scrolling down your screen while dramatic music plays?

(Seriously, how much did you think that the music was going to start playing while you were scrolling.  I know what you're thinking.)

Although it does bum me out that my Star Wars reference is about Episode II, since it is inarguably the worst movie of the entire series (besides I and III, that is) and gave us all a serious case of PTSD.

Case in point?

Yeah, thanks for nothing, George Lucas.  And don't even get me started on the CGI Banthas.  As if the world couldn't have done without the giant alien offspring of the snuffleupagus and a yak.


Okay... so... back on topic after my slightly embarassing Nerd rant.

I'm cleaning out my inbox and trying to answer a few of the things you've asked recently.  If you don't see your question or have any others, feel free to e-mail them to me at melissa.strassner@gmail.com.  I'm super serious about answering this time (for realsies - in a timely manner, even). 

Episode II:
You sorta seem like you're pregnant.  Are you?  Any baby plans in the works now that Logan is turning one?

Aw, thank you!  To the (sadly, more than one or two) people who asked me this question, I'm not going to assume that you saw a photo of me and concluded, dang!  She must be knocked up again! Although I'm fatter flattered you'd come to such a conclusion. 

No, I'm pretty sure it was me talking about the third time around that threw you off, since those questions mostly came in after this post.  So to put it definitively to rest:

NO, I am not pregnant. 

YES, we would like to have another.

NO, it will not be any time soon.

I am on a bit of a back to nature kick, what with the bread making and the growing stuff in the back yard and the cloth diapers, and one of the things we are experimenting with right now is natural family planning.  I'm learning a ton, and while I certainly don't recommend it if you're a teenager or not ready for the serious possibility of a baby, I'm kind of on board with not putting all this junk in your body. (By the way, I know this link is a pitch, but if you google some of the dangerous side effects of birth control, you might start to reconsider your position too.)

In a perfect world, we're looking forward to taking the kids to Disneyland next fall before trying for #3.  (They will be four and two... perfect ages for the Happiest Place on Earth!!!)  God willing, next year at about this time I'll get pregnant again and in 2015 the kids will have another sibling.  However, given that I'm not taking any synthetic methods to perfectly prevent it, the truth is that we're in a place where our "plan" might not come to pass. 

Incidentally, I had a bit of a scare two months ago that brought up just this issue.  Nothing came of it (a good thing, considering I'm still nursing and looking forward to someday again having more than 6 hours of sleep), but it forced both Casey and me to confront how we feel about having another baby.

The result? 

It turns out that - in case you haven't caught on before now - I love babies.  I'm not sure the day will ever come that I won't think this process is just the most amazing miracle.  And we both reached the conclusion that should we get pregnant, we will regard it as a huge blessing.  Another baby would absolutely not be an accident, even if it wasn't planned. 

In all honesty, it's a really nice place to be.  We're both incredibly content about our family, and excited to see what the future holds. 

Unless Casey actually got that secret vasectomy... in which case, I'm so using my Jedi mind tricks to make you forget that you ever read this. 

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