Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Brits know how to write 'em and other randoms

My favorite thing about blogging is that it connects you with people that either a) you haven't seen in years and don't actually have real-life access to or b) with fabulous strangers you've never met.  For the price of admission - exactly one click of the mouse (or for those of you who are all fancy and living in the 21st century, a swipe of the finger) - you get to live inside the voice/mind/world of what feels like a dear friend.  When, in reality, you might not even know them.  And hopefully, they're not completely nuts... otherwise the price of admission is one intensive therapy session.

So today, let's sit on the front porch and have a little tete a tete as if we really were good friends.

This porch, because it's to die and we're already in fantasy land:

Up first: Downton Abbey.  Because, for reals, I heart this show and if they don't stop messing with my characters I'm going to seriously lose my crap on them.  They will be getting a very strongly worded e-mail and I will not being adhering to proper Downton decorum; the kind for which Cousin Violet would give me her most stern and disapproving look.  Season 3 was not kind to me in my fragile postpartum mental state. 

And also... when does season 4 start???

In other news, my sweet baby has decided to fall asleep on me every night as I put him to bed.  I know you're all, yeah so?  He's a baby, it's what they do but it's not what my baby has done - like ever except the Fourth of July - since he was about three months old.  He gets all snuggly and cute and when I ask him if he wants to go to bed he melts into me and coos.  I'm quite sure he thinks he's playing me to make me avoid putting him down, but in reality it's totally me who's playing him.  I love, love, love the snuggles. 

I haven't yet been able to park in my garage.  Well, maybe like 12 times in almost a year.  First it was because we were storing stuff in there after the move.  Ever since, we've had projects running so frequently that it has just never happened.  Casey promised me that I can park in the garage, so long as I stop coming up with projects for the house.  Hah, fat chance.  Much more likely that I'll be scraping ice off my windshield.

Speaking of projects, how awesome is this wreath?

You'll be seeing a similar design in my house, as I'm currently super inspired by it and fully intend to steal it.  And, it doesn't get any easier in the wreath making department.  Here's how she did it.  Drool.

We're smack-dab in the middle of remodeling our guest bath.  Actually, we're almost done, which will bring our total of projects completed to a whopping one.  We're really great at starting projects - in fact, we've started nearly all the projects I was hoping to do this year.  ....Of course, we're like 60% finished with most of them, but who's keeping score?  {I'm gonna go ahead and blame the kids.  Mostly because they can't defend themselves.}

Here's how it looked when we moved in:

I know.  Score, right?  If you were going to come over to my house, I'd close this door and be super creepy about trying to distract you from the room, which of course would make you be all, what's behind this door? and then I'd body check you to keep you from discovering our nasty mess.  And then, if you're anything like me, you'd begin to suspect a way more dramatic secret than the one I was actually concealing, like maybe a hole where I keep people and ask them to put lotion on their skin. 

So, to recap, that's why we had to remodel: because I don't want to get a silence of the lambs reputation. 

I'd close by asking if you've read any good books recently.  I'm in dire need of a really really deliciously good book, particularly for the days Casey's working.  {To distract me from my night terrors.} 

So that's that.  I hope you enjoyed our little chat!  Feel free to continue the conversation in the comments section.  I'm a really good listener, too...

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