Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

One of my favorite events of the summer:

Christmas in July!

Yes, I am aware that it was 98 degrees outside today.

The Home Shopping Network is my guilty pleasure.

I love to have this channel on, not because I like to buy things, but because I like to hear the voices while I'm doing whatever it is that I'm doing during my day. It's completely mindless, like music in the background, except that I can look up and see all the truly tacky...ahem... terrific odds and ends that wind up on HSN.

Odds and ends like these:

Who could possibly live without them?! AND, if you buy today, you also get free batteries! (That's right, they take batteries!) What's not to love?

It's kind of like window shopping at an old lady's estate sale, and I can vacuum at the same time.
Am I weird? I like to think I'm eccentric.

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  1. Ha Ha that is sooo funny! I'm the exact same way, always needing the TV on. It makes me feel like their is another adult in the house. And who can go wrong with Christmas in July? Christmas all year round is exciting :)


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